here are some inside jokes that i try to make sense haha

"tvo face"
this one is actually really old! the joke came from a bag i remember seeing that had a really bad font. It made the letter "w" look like the letter "v" so it just stuck with me. Two face became tvo face. they don't sell the bag anymore. sad because it was funny. came in an ugly color though. bleugh!

"i am. mentally stabbing/punching/kicking you."
this one is actually more newer but the joke is what it means. two face gets angry at moxie? simple. he just wishes to punch him, but since he's a good guy, he mentally is punching him. hate someone but wanna be nice? start with this one.

"dirk/dirkie kirkies/any other name that ends with irk"
moxie is a jerk. so naturally he calls people names. like for example, two-face. he usually gets called "$#17-face". but for kirk he just calls him anything that ends with "-irk". dirk, kirk, the like. this has NOT faired well with kirk. sometimes he even gets called dirt.