y2kross's stupid no good art made by y2kross (lazlo/randy aka me the idiot on planet WWWAVD but you wouldnt know that!)
art goes from newest (top) to older (bottom) and also has made on date!

fanart, art fight art, art, oc art, cartoon art, the art, i'm falling down a cliff while writing this,

my oc, two-face! he's very nervous and sweaty! text reads: on and on

it's the main star of the show, two-face! he's very worried! wonder why...i should really start writing out the cartoon plot and character bios...sorry!!

my oc moxie, with text that reads from right to left: shut up! (don't worry though, its not at you!)

another moxie??? what??? insane!!!

my character moxie in love. text (from up to bottom) reads- (up)two face- don't worry, don't panic! moxie- i'm in love!!

bottom text reads "1'm 1n 10\/3!!", which is moxie talk for "i'm in love!!"